Cap GL45 PFAS Analytic |

Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Temperature resistance: from 0°C to +110°C
Material: PP, PPS
One of our current novelties.

Operating Instructions

Number of Blind Fittings [milky white] Number of capillary connectors Number of Fittings [milky white] Cat-no. Price*/piece Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
2 3 3 x Ø 3,2 mm M445-03
M445-03 - Cap GL45 PFAS-Analytik |
Number of Blind Fittings [milky white] 2
Number of capillary connectors 3
Number of Fittings [milky white] 3 x Ø 3,2 mm
Product description Cap PFAS Analytic, free from polyhaloolefins,, unrestrictedly... more
Product information "Cap GL45 PFAS Analytic |"

Product description Cap PFAS Analytic, free from polyhaloolefins,, unrestrictedly switable for PFAS analysis. Screw cap made of PPS for GL 45 thread, free movable insert made of PP. With PE Fittings for capillaries with O. D. 3,2 mm (thread UNF 1/4“ 28G), blind fittings made of PE to close unused connections and an Air Valve (Filter membrane PP) with service life indicator. Version and scope of delivery as per below chart.


Perfectly matched system for extraction of eluents in context of the PFAS analytic. Tubing can be inserted onto the ground of the bottle by means of the Fittings made of PE. The conical seal cone clamps the tubing and seals the connection safely. The Air Valve is especially adapted to the flow rate in HPLC. The integrated non-return valve avoids evaporation of solvents and lets flow ambient air into the bottle in case of vacuum. The upstream PP membrane restrains pollutant particles and other contaminations from outside, but does not interfere with the sensitive PFAS analytic. The 6 months service life of the Air Valve can be easily monitored through either activating the display on the service life indicator and exchanging the valve in case of completely red colouring or documentation of the exchange date by hand and clip on the service life indicator at the valve.

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