bsafe Blätterkatalog ansehen bsafe System Blätterkatalog ansehen Exhaust Filters - Benefits

If different solvent residues come into one waste container, harmful vapours arise. In this case, Exhaust Filters with integrated activated carbon and optimized flow behaviour have to be chosen.

With a large inner adsorption surface and low dust formation, the activated carbon binds all toxic substances reliably without clumping and only releases pure air into the environment. Depending on the filter size with a service life of up to six months! The practical service life indicator on the lid shows the necessary exchange date. Exhaust Filters are made of PP and, thus, withstand high temperatures and have a fire class rating V-0 as per UL 94. Furthermore, they are dimensionally stable and can be easily screwed due to their rough surface and the optimized design with gripping grooves.

The cylindrical screw-in support at the beginning of the thread as well as the O-ring position and the inclined filtering body help to install the Exhaust Filter quickly. Through the inclined filtering body, many fittings and capillaries can be connected. The O-ring guarantees tight connection to Waste Caps. Exhaust Filters - Benefits

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