bsafe Blätterkatalog ansehen bsafe System Blätterkatalog ansehen Tubing and Connectors - Benefits

For the safe transfer of solvent waste from a Sink or a Desktop Mount combined with a Funnel into a collection canister we recommend Waste Tubes.

These corrugated tubes in static dissipative PTFE-EX are highly flexible for integration also in tight installation conditions. At the same time, the material provides a high chemical resistance and static charging can be avoided by grounding the components.

At, we offer disposal lines in two qualities: Waste Tubes with spiral-shaped inside and outside for highest flexibility and Waste Tubes Smooth with spiral-shaped outside and smooth inside for a fast flow without any residues.
Both versions are supplied including appropriate screw joints with connecting thread GL25. These can be removed easily in order to cut the tube and to adapt it to the needed installation length.

The uniform thread connection GL25 allows to join Waste Tubes fast and tightly to different components of the SYSTEM range. By means of adapters and fittings, also a transition to sanitary connections like e. g. G1/2” is possible. Tubing and Connectors - Benefits

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