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Determination of Thread Types

Choosing a suitable fi tting, screw cap or multiple distributor with the correct thread type and size is not as easy as it might seem.

Please use a sliding calliper for the determination of a thread type. Use it for the determination of the thread O. D. and the thread pitch. The pitch is the distance from one thread crest to the other as shown on our schematic drawings. Now the thread type can be determined by comparing the original thread with our fi gures. Once you have found a similar type, the actual thread size is identifi ed by comparing the measured dimensions with the typical dimensions stated in the related chart.

Of course, we will help you if you still have problems in determining your thread. Just send us a sample or counterpiece, we will be glad to help you with your choice. But please understand that we are not able to determine threads on faxed or scanned copies or pictures.

Important: Due to tolerances in production of diff erent manufacturers, the dimensions of vessels can vary of up to 0.5 mm.

Here you will find more detailed information on the different thread types: