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There is more liquid waste that needs to be collected and disposed of than only the liquid waste that is lead from the HPLC device into a canister. offers many sophisticated products for the safe collection and disposal of liquid waste in your lab.

The best help for collecting liquid waste are Funnels. The combination of the single features of the Funnels reliably protects you during and after filling of the collecting container. Funnels 130 - Benefits

Its compact design allows an easy integration in a safety cabinet. An automatic closing of the hinged lid is prevented by the big opening angle even when the funnel is assembled on a canister with inclined neck. With the free turnable cap you can perfectly adjust the funnel on the waste container. Funnels 130  - Benefits Funnels 180 - Benefits

Easy and safe handling: you do not need to open a lid before pouring. With
starting the filling process, the integrated ball valve opens automatically and is closed as soon as the liquid is drained off completely. Funnels 180 - Benefits

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