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At SYSTEM we offer Waste Caps in different versions to suit best the planned use.
Especially for the integration in permanently installed disposal systems are System Waste Caps. This Waste Cap model has just 1 connection GL25 to join directly e. g. a Waste Tube. An intermediate integration of an elbow stopcock allows to interrupt the line during exchange of the canister and to prevent dripping of solvents. All sensors for the filling level control including necessary signal cables are built-in into the cap.

The acoustic and also optical alarm of the Display or Mini-Display indicates which canister has to be exchanged.

As a standard, all System Waste Caps have a connector GL14 for connection of either a Exhaust Filter or a Venting Hose. Both solutions ensure that no harmful solvent vapours are emitted to the ambient air during filling. System Waste Caps DLC (Dual Level Control) are supplied with a special feature: The built-in sensor reports a pre-alarm at 50 % of the nominal volume of the connected canister and a main alarm for the full canister. Thus an on-time canister exchange before your shift end or the weekend can be planned. System Waste Caps - Operation Principle

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