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The Waste Pipe System is a rigid piping system consisting of straight Waste Pipes, which are connected with suitable fittings. With this fixed installed system, liquid solvent wastes can be led directly from the HPLC device into the collecting canister.

The single pipe is connected by simply pushing it into the lock nut of the joining piece. By turning the nut, the pipe will be held firmly and tightly by the internal clamp ring.

The combination possibilities for the connectors, like e.g. elbow, pipe bend, allow many different installations. Using T-connections, disposal points and HPLC devices can be integrated into the Waste Pipe System via e. g. Waste Tubes or Sytem Caps.

Particularly innovative is the corresponding system for table and wall mounting. Angle supports made of steel plates are slip-proof mounted on a table, wall mounts can directly be fixed on appropriate, vertical surfaces. The Waste Pipes are fixed on the mountings by means of special magnet holders. With the magnets, the lines can easily be adjusted in height to achieve the necessary slope.

At the end of the line you will find a collecting canister. It’s fill level can be monitored by means of a Waste Cap for fill level control and a Display. Waste Pipes-System - Benefits

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