bsafe Blätterkatalog ansehen bsafe System Blätterkatalog ansehen Waste Caps - Benefits Waste Caps are especially adapted to the requirements on the collection of solvent waste in HPLC. The PTFE-insert is equipped with several threads (UNF 1/4“, NPT 1/8”) for a direct connection of different tubing diameters by means of Fittings or Hose Connectors. The HPLC waste can be lead directly into a collection container.

The connector GL14 is reserved for the separately available Exhaust Filter. Its activated carbon filling adsorbs solvent vapours which are produced during filling so that no harmful vapours can escape from the collection container.

The PPS screw cap and the PTFE insert are extremely robust and resistant against a thermal or chemical load. Furthermore, they can be sterilized by autoclaving up to 200 °C and also easily be cleaned in the dish washer.

The freely turnable PTFE insert allows a simple container exchange without disarranging the installed capillary tubing and tubes. All tubes and tubing are firmly and tight fixed by Fittings with optimized inner cone and/or non-slip hose connectors.

A Viton® flat sealing provides tight closure of the collection container as it compensates possible production tolerances on the threaded neck. A special sealing lip made of PTFE isolates it from the vapour space. Combined with an Exhaust Filter, Waste Caps are the perfect protection for the disposal of solvent waste. Waste Caps  - Benefits

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