bsafe Blätterkatalog ansehen bsafe System Blätterkatalog ansehen Caps with Stopcocks - Benefits Caps with Stopcocks together with Fittings, Tubing and an Air Valve form a perfect unit for solvent extraction from bottles and canisters.

The special feature: a PTFE-insert with integrated stopcocks. They minimize dripping of connected capillaries during bottle exchange or can be used for simply closing unused ports.

With the cap made of robust PPS and the chemically highly resistant PTFE insert, Caps can be sterilized and autoclaved and easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The ergonomic design and eroded surfaces offer stable grip for gloved hands.

Through their freely movable insert, they can be easily screwed without disarranging the connected capillaries.

Inclined threads (UNF 1/4”) guarantee intuitive insertion of Fittings and Air Valve and offer more space on the PTFE insert. Additional threads (UNF ¼”) on the bottom side of the insert allow to extend the extraction tube to the bottom of the bottle.

A Viton® flat sealing provides tight sealing at the closure through compensation of possible production tolerances on the bottle neck. A special sealing lip made of PTFE isolates it from the vapour space. This solution is thermally and chemically highly resilient and offers a low installation height. Caps with Stopcocks - Benefits

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