Air Valve UHPLC |

Chemical resistance: ++ very good
Material: PP
Temperature resistance: from 0°C to +110°C
One of our current novelties.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Operating Instructions

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6 2 M551-01
M551-01 - Belüftungsventil UHPLC |
Service life [months] 6
Packing Unit [pcs.] 2
Product description Valve body made of PP with connection (thread UNF 1/4“ 28G) suitable for... more
Product information "Air Valve UHPLC |"

Product description

Valve body made of PP with connection (thread UNF 1/4“ 28G) suitable for Caps. Lid with aeration opening and Luerlock connector, integrated non-return valve with upstream porous PTFE membrane (0,1 μm), including clip-on service life indicator.


For extraction of eluents. The Air Valve is especially adapted to the flow rate in UHPLC. The integrated non-return valve avoids evaporation of solvents and lets flow ambient air into the bottle in case of vacuum. The upstream porous PTFE membrane restrains pollutant particles coarse and fine dust, as well as microorganisms carried by it and other contaminations from outside. The 6 months service life of the Air Valve can be easily monitored through either activating the display on the service life indicator and exchanging the valve in case of completely red colouring or documentation of the exchange date by hand and clip on the service life indicator at the valve.
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