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The Desktop Mount Multiport is a compact collective connector to combine the outlets of two respectively up to four HPLC units.

All connectors are placed sideways to join tubing and tubes with suitable Fittings and Hose connectors without bending. Furthermore, the threads are all inclined. This additional slope improves the flow and prevents any backflow. Desktop Mounts Multiport are available either without any accessories for a flexible configuration or as Starter Sets that include fittings for capillary O.D. 1,6/2,2/3,2 mm, hose connectors for tubing
I. D. 6,5-8 mm and blind fittings for all connectors.

A disposal line like e. g. a Waste Tube is connected via the GL25 connector. For a transition to sanitary threads, we offer optionally available adapters. Desktop Mount Multiport - Benefits

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