b.safe Connection to Canisters and ventilation - Benefits

Upon insertion of solvents, the waste container has to be reliably ventilated and at the same time harmful solvent vapours shall not escape to the ambience.

Depending on the individual installation, there are two possible solutions for this task:

For firmly installed disposal systems, we recommend to use b.safe Venting Hoses. This highly flexible tube can be adapted to every mounting position. The connecting thread GL14 is compatible with all b.safe Waste Caps and b.safe System Waste Caps. The other end of the tube is equipped with a special plug connector for a direct connection to the exhaust system. Its ribs hold the connector firmly in bores with dia. 14 mm.

b.safe Exhaust Filters are the best solution for waste canisters which are directly connected to a HPLC or for laboratories without exhaust system. The activated carbon filling absorbs solvent vapours that escape from the collected solvent waste. Only filtered air is emitted to the ambience. b.safe Exhaust Filters have a service life of up to 12 months.

Also avoid possible contamination during the exchange of canisters: Just install a b.safe Elbow Stopcock between waste tube and waste cap. Close the passage before removing the waste cap so that there will be no dripping tube.


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The brand new b.safe SYSTEM specification texts is now available to facilitate the planning of new projects.

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