b.safe Desktop Mounts and Wall Mounts - Benefits

The link between filling devices like e. g. b.safe System Caps or b.safe Funnels and the waste disposal lines to your collecting vessels are b.safe Desktop Mounts and b.safe Wall Mounts.

No matter whether you have a b.safe Desktop Mount or a b.safe Wall Mount, the connection to the working area is always a thread GL45 for direct assembly of a b.safe System Cap, a b.safe Funnel or a b.safe Multicollector for a central junction of the disposal tubing from several HPLC units.

The connection to the waste disposal line is made on the bottom side with male thread GL25 and thus compatible with b.safe Waste Tubes and b.safe Waste Tubes Smooth. Optionally available adapters provide an easy transition to screw joint systems of other manufacturers so that you are always on the safe side.

All components that get in touch with the product are made of static dissipative plastics. Professionally connect the system to earth for reliable prevention of static charging and sparking.


Recently our product specialist Dominik Werner and Dr. Andreas Lößl (Wagner & Munz) had the opportunity to visit the new laboratory...
The b.safe funnels impress with their sophisticated design. Made from the high-performance plastic PE-EX, it protects the laboratory...

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