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Check and act now! For safe and uncontaminated laboratory air!
The brand new SYSTEM specification texts is now available to facilitate the planning of new projects.
Recently our product specialist Dominik Werner and Dr. Andreas Lößl (Wagner & Munz) had the opportunity to visit the new laboratory of the bayrische Bio-MS-Zentrum in Freising.
The funnels impress with their sophisticated design. Made from the high-performance plastic PE-EX, it protects the laboratory technician from harmful vapours from the container thanks to the hinged lid.
"They are an integral part of many everyday objects and industrial products: per-
and polyfluorinated alkyl substance...
The detection of PFAS in the context of environmental and product analysis in particular represents a major challenge.
Learn more about our brands BOLA, SICCO and and come into exchange with us.
With our voucher code in just a few steps to a free day ticket!
"The high demands on the purity of UHPLC solvents are met by special distillation and filtration processes
Do you need a little hint? Then simply click on the following link or contact our product specialists Renée Keth or Dominik Werner.
Last Monday, Dr. Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Tourism of the State of Baden-Württemberg, visited the Bohlender company as part of an exchange with the regional CDU parliamentary group.
The Desktop Distributor has been nominated for the Best of Industry Award in the field of laboratory and analysis technology!
Our product specialists were on duty at the Avantor Europe in-house exhibition at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). Our thanks go to Jutta Bergmann for the perfect organization of this successful event.
"PFAS Analytic requires analyzers that are free of polyhalogenolefins (e.g. PTFE) on components in contact with the media.
To meet these requirements, we at have developed the new Cap PFAS Analytic."
For the HPLC 2023, our engineers have prepared a special surprise - we present two new Caps and Air Valves to the market.

Next stop Berlin!

Also at the LAB-SUPPLY at the Estrel Convention Center in Berlin our team was available to talk to the numerous visitors
We are pleased to inform you that is bronze sponsor of the HPLC 2023 in Düsseldorf (Germany) on Tour

Experience our products up close and in practice at the LAB-SUPPLY in Berlin on June 13th, 2023 in the Estrel Hall of the ESTREL Convention Center.
Today again heavy equipment was brought to our company location in Grünsfeld, because our new multi-axis turning-milling center from DMG was delivered.
Today, once again, an exciting picture presented itself at our company headquarters in Grünsfeld. With combined forces, a multi-axis turning-milling center was implemented in our machine
The team would like to thank all visitors for their active interest in our products at the LAB-SUPPLY in Vienna.
You probably already know our product specialists Renée Keth and Dominik Werner - feel free to contact us!
The whole Bohlender team wishes all our customers and business partners a happy Easter and a good start into spring!
The team would like to thank all visitors for their huge interest in our products at the LAB-SUPPLY on March 29, 2023 in Hamburg.
In the future, all BOHLENDER employees will be provided with free table water during working hours. caps

Perfectly matched system for extraction of eluents. Tubing can be inserted onto the ground of the bottle by means of the Fittings made of PFA. The conical seal cone clamps the tubing and seals the connection safely.

Gruensfeld/ Bern. Products of the new BOHLENDER brand SYSTEM are now used by the Swiss Medicines Agency.
Gruensfeld/ Munich. At the world’s leading exhibition for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology - Analytica in Munich - Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld is presenting the new product lines and SYSTEM to international trade visitors for the first time.
Grünsfeld. This year, too, the traditional end-of-year party of the manufacturer of professional laboratory supplies made of high-performance plastics falls victim to the Corona pandemic. Nevertheless, Managing Director Volker Bohlender expressed his gratitude to six long-serving employees for their commitment to the company.
Grünsfeld. From now on BOHLENDER is offering two sections for HPLC. and SYSTEM!
Gruensfeld/Basel. For the first time, BOHLENDER GmbH presented their new brands and SYSTEM to an audience of experts live at the leading Swiss trade fair for laboratory and process technology - ILMAC.
Grünsfeld/ Lauda. Already since 2016 BOHLENDER GmbH cooperates with community school of Lauda-Königshofen in the so-called parents-pupils workshop.
Gruensfeld. In early September, three young people started their 3.5-year-training as industrial mechanics.
Lauda-Königshofen/ Grünsfeld. Mayor Dr. Lukas Braun und head of department Sabine Baumeister from the city Lauda-Königshofen visited our company in the context of the urban economic development.
Grünsfeld. BOHLENDER GmbH recently won the second prize of the Main Tauber district’s future award. The prize money of 500 Euro was donated by managing director Volker Bohlender to the day care center „St. Marien” of Grünsfeld.
GRÜNSFELD/ TAUBERBISCHOFSHEIM. At the end of April, the award of the Future Prize 2020 took place by the Main-Tauber-Kreis.

In 2020, Bohlender launched the new product line "". This brand name stands for professional safety solutions in the HPLC sector directly from the manufacturer. For their new developed product line, Bohlender and their managing director Volker Bohlender were awarded the Future Prize 2020 for Innovation of the Main Tauber District.
GRÜNSFELD. A final photo shoot was made by the photographers team Besserer from Lauda for the upcoming launch of BOHLENDER´s new product brand „“ at the premises on the Waltersberg end of July.
GRUENSFELD. Eugen Hellinger has been working at the BOHLENDER GmbH for 30 years now for which he was honoured from Managing Director Volker Bohlender. Even this celebration hour took place in other kind than usually.
Grünsfeld. Besides the already existing product brands at company BOHLENDER, BOLA and SICCO, a new brand has now been developed for safety solutions in HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography).
Grünsfeld/ Volkach. The whole staff of the BOHLENDER GmbH spent an eventful day together with their president Volker Bohlender in Volkach at the so-called horse-show bend (“Mainschleife”) on Friday 6th July.
Grünsfeld/ Frankfurt. BOHLENDER GmbH attended the trade fair ACHEMA in Frankfurt from 11th to 15th June with many new products, highlights and bestsellers from their product brands BOLA and SICCO. The ACHEMA is the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry and took place for the 32nd time this year.
GRÜNSFELD. The International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology called “Analytica” took place in Munich where also BOHLENDER GmbH from Grünsfeld took part in.

Gruensfeld/ Lauda. Again, the „Pfarrscheune“ in Lauda provided a wonderful scenery for the traditional year-end ceremony of the BOHLENDER GmbH from Gruensfeld. President Volker Bohlender invited his employees and their partners to terminate and review the year 2016.
After 36 years employment at BOHLENDER GmbH, Mr. Walter Bausback retires at the end of November 2016 from his active career and starts his well-deserved retirement.
Gruensfeld. For the first time, training manager Uwe Hossfeld welcomed four new apprentices at BOHLENDER GmbH who will become Industrial Mechanics.
GRUENSFELD. A fix agenda highlight within the town´s holiday programme is to visit the BOHLENDER GmbH on Waltersberg, organized and hold by the apprentices.
GRUENSFELD. On Saturday 9th July 2016, BOHLENDER GmbH opened its door for the second time for young people looking for an interesting technical job.
GRUENSFELD/ MUENCHEN. The BOHLENDER GmbH from Grünsfeld presented its BOLA and SICCO products on the Analytica fair in Munich from 10th to 13th May. 1.200 exhibitors from all around the world showed their products on the 25th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology.
GRUENSFELD/ LAUDA: An eventful fiscal year comes to an end, which is traditionally celebrated at BOHLENDER GmbH. CEO Volker Bohlender invited his employees together with their partners in an event locality called “Pfarrscheune” in Lauda.
Gruensfeld. On 1st September 2015, the two Industrial Mechanics-to-be Jordan Kunert and Tim Zehnter started their apprenticeship at BOHLENDER GmbH.
GRUENSFELD. Within the town´s holiday programme, many boys and girls spent an exciting day on the Waltersberg.
Gruensfeld/ Frankfurt. Mid of June, the ACHEMA took place in Frankfurt for the 31st time. It is the world forum for chemical engineering and the process industry. BOHLENDER presented many new products on their booth.
GRUENSFELD. A SICCO Glove Box, made by BOHLENDER in Gruensfeld, was used in „Tatort“ thriller „Gier“ („Avidity“) on Sunday, 7th June 2015.
GRUENSFELD. On 21st May, a group of retired teachers from secondary school in Lauda visited BOHLENDER GmbH and caught up information on the medium-sized enterprise located on the Waltersberg.
GRUENSFELD. On Saturday 9th May 2015, BOHLENDER GmbH opened its door for young people, who are in their career orientation period or just want to catch up information on the job of an „Industrial Mechanic“.
On Friday, 17th April, BOHLENDER GmbH welcomed company SCAT Europe GmbH from Moerfelden (next to Frankfurt/Main). SCAT are specialists in safety products for laboratories.
GRUENSFELD/LAUDA-KOENIGSHOFEN. On the occasion of the official groundbreaking ceremony for the new production hall (1780 m²), the local paper „Fraenkische Nachrichten“ released the following report of its editor Thomas Schreiner:
GRUENSFELD. After our two apprentices Johannes Muehleck and Richard Wagner finished their apprenticeship for Industrial Mechanics at the end of February 2015, they received their “hit of journeyman”, as it was the tradition formerly.
GRUENSFELD/BAD MERGENTHEIM. Beginning of December, the BOHLENDER GmbH invited its employees together with their partner to its traditional year-end ceremony in a special locality, the wildlife park Bad Mergentheim where the “Erdhaus” (house that is built in a mound) offered a pleasant atmosphere.
GRUENSFELD/KOENIGSHOFEN. Already for the second time, a team of the BOHLENDER GmbH participated in the traditional Run of the „Koenigshoefer Fair“ in Koenigshofen.
Gruensfeld. After three years of apprenticeship, Ms. Anna Rehfeld passed her exam to become an Industrial clerk at the Industrial Chamber of Commerce and Industry Heilbronn-Franken on 14th July 2014. Since then, she has supported the Sales team at the BOHLENDER GmbH.
This year for the first time, three young Industrial mechanics start their apprenticeship at the BOHLENDER GmbH.
Within the town´s holiday programme, many boys and girls spent an exciting day on the Waltersberg.
GRUENSFELD / LAUDA-KOENIGSHOFEN. On Friday 4th July, the 10th Education Fair was officially opened on the booth of company BOHLENDER. This fair is yearly organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Heilbronn-Franconia and takes two days.
(Gruensfeld/Lauda-Koenigshofen) Today, the entrepreneur Volker Bohlender from Lauda-Koenigshofen celebrates his 50th birthday together with his family on his well-deserved Pentecost vacation. “I am entrepreneur because I like the challenge”, Volker Bohlender once told in an interview. Everyone knows that the President of the BOHLENDER GmbH, with its headquarter on the Waltersberg in Gruensfeld, is a man of action. He is an entrepreneur who works hard and bears a challenge rather today than tomorrow.
BRAZIL/GRUENSFELD. Mega events throw their shade ahead – even in company BOHLENDER. With a view to the upcoming Soccer World Cup 2014, BOHLENDER´s staff got their own Table Soccer World Cup.
GRUENSFELD/MUNICH. From 1st to 4th April, the ANALYTICA 2014 – International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology – took place in Munich. More than 1.000 exhibitors from 37 countries, amongst them BOHLENDER with its professional high-performance labware and functional desiccators, exhibited modern lab technology and trendsetting biotechnology on the trade fair.
On 5th February 2014, Dominik Kapf and Heinrich Friedrich finished their apprenticeship as industrial mechanics successfully.
Our apprentices Dominik Kapf and Heinrich Friedrich finished their apprenticeship with their successfully completed qualifying examination. Now they are starting their career as industrial mechanics at the BOHLENDER GmbH.

30 years of seniority

GRUENSFELD. Right from the start of the new year, the BOHLENDER GmbH was able to celebrate a long-lasting employee´s anniversary. In a special ceremony, President Volker Bohlender particularly honoured Eugen Krass for his 30 years of seniority.
Grünsfeld/Beckstein – Once more, Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld booked the Kilians-Keller in Beckstein with its impressive atmosphere for their year-end ceremony. Nearly all 60 employees of the medium-sized company accepted the invitation of their president Volker Bohlender to celebrate a successful year 2013 together with their partners.
New apprentices start their professional life at BOHLENDER On 1st September, a new life period started for BOHLENDER´s new apprentices. They started their apprenticeship as industrial mechanics highly-motivated.

25 years company anniversary

On 7th September 2013, BOHLENDER had another special anniversary: Our employee Rainer Schörösch commemorated his 25 anniversary at company BOHLENDER and was honoured by the president Volker Bohlender.
GRÜNSFELD/ENDERNDORF. On Friday, 21st June 2013 the time had come: BOHLENDER´s Adventure Day, that takes place every 2 years, was just around the corner. The excited company´s staff set out for valley „Altmühl“ („Altmühltal“) where exciting adventures were waiting for them to strengthen their team spirit
GRUENSFELD/ LAUDA-KOENIGSHOFEN. Only 10 months after the last enlargement of our machinery, we started up another to CNC lathes at the beginning of June.
GRUENSFELD/ LAUDA-KOENIGSHOFEN. The new mayor of Grünsfeld, Mr. Joachim Markert, came to visit the BOHLENDER GmbH and gathered information about the company that is located in the Waltersberg.
GRÜNSFELD/LAUDA-KÖNIGSHOFEN. Even this year, the BOHLENDER GmbH presented itself on the education fair in the city hall of Lauda-Königshofen. Uwe Hossfeld and our apprentices informed the visitors for the 7th time now.
GRÜNSFELD / LAUDA-KÖNIGSHOFEN. On 10th April, President Volker Bohlender invited for a special ceremony: Together with his father and the company´s founder Hermann Bohlender as well as other guests, he congratulated production manager Ernst Schweitzer for his 30th anniversary at BOHLENDER.
Within an informal plant visit, a group of retired teachers and head teachers as well as the mayor of Gruensfeld, Alfred Beetz, came to visit the BOHLENDER GmbH on the Waltersberg in Gruensfeld.
On 19th February 2013, Stefan Brennfleck, our apprentice, passed his exams to be a skilled worker.

Exhibitions in autumn 2012

In the past few weeks, the Sales of the BOHLENDER GmbH travelled around Germany to participate in different in-house and lab fairs. Their trip lead them to Marl, Oldenburg and Hanover.

Mayors came for a visit

Last Thursday, 18th October 2012, the mayors of Lauda-Königshofen, Mr. Thomas Maertens, and Gruensfeld, Mr. Alfred Beetz, came to visit BOHLENDER GmbH due to the launch of the new 783 m² large hall.

More workforce for our team

In order to come up with the growing requirements for BOLA and SICCO, we have expanded our machinery in the past few months. However, the most important in a company is the staff.

Final inspection and start-up

After a successful final inspection, carried out by the building authorities of the Main-Tauber-Kreis, the new hall on the premises of company Bohlender GmbH is now being integrated in the manufacturing process. With the building of the new hall, the company actively follows up their expansion path of the past years.
True to this motto, two young people, Johannes Mühleck and Richard Wagner, have started their apprenticeship at the lab ware specialist.
The trend is highly visible: More and more laboratory professionals are using Lab ware made of high-performance plastics from BOLA. For us, this is not only an appreciation of our work, but also a motivation to justify this, your trust, in us and our products again and again.
Already for the sixth time, Bohlender participated in the education fair in Lauda-Königshofen. Approximately 60 companies presented themselves to the young professionals in the city hall of Lauda.

Machinery enlarged again

Two new CNC turning centre for general purpose, type DMG alpha, have just arrived. Those innovative systems enrich our modern machinery. High efficiency and profitability for best available technology were the targets to be reached with them.
GRUENSFELD/FRANKFURT Achema - the world forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology - opens its doors in Frankfurt every three years. Since 18 June the time has come again: 4,000 exhibitors and numerous participants from all over the world present themselves on the 30th Achema. In the middle of hall 4.1, at stand E19, you can find Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld.
At Analytica, the international leading trade fair for instrumental analytics, laboratory technology and biotechnology in Munich, about 1000 exhibitors from 37 countries put their products on display. Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld also expanded contacts.
An extensive cooperation agreement was fixed between Dorothea-von-Rieneck school Gruensfeld and Bohlender GmbH on 17th February. During a short ceremony, head teacher Mrs. Wülk and Mr. Volker Bohlender signed the corresponding certificate.
Construction works for new production and storage building have started / Quick completion planned for February 2012. Bohlender GmbH continues expanding and invests in its site in the industrial area „ob der Tauber“ at the Waltersberg in Grünsfeld.
Since autumn 2011 we are offering an apprenticeship training position as industrial management assistant.
Successful in the market with innovative products Bohlender GmbH launches new product division of the SICCO range. Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld has kept on growing for years. The medium-sized enterprise is producing innovative labware from high-performance PTFE under the BOLA brand as well as drying cabinets and desiccators under the SICCO brand. And now, Bohlender GmbH is launching a new product division within the SICCO brand: the SICCO Glove Box.
BOLA-Adventure Day 2011: Gruensfeld/Bensheim – Team spirit and solidarity are important requirements fort he success of every enterprise. Bohlender GmbH is proud of its extraordinary solidarity which was visible on Friday, 8th July and which brought a lot of fun for all who joined the BOLA Adventure Day 2011. This year, the traditional trip for all staff members of BOLA, the internationally working manufacturer of labware made of PTFE, was a very special journey through time.
Commitment and innovations keep BOHLENDER GmbH on the road to success

For "Class 2000"

"Class 2000" is an integrated educational concept that has been developed bei primary school teachers and specialists of the areas medicine, psychology, as well as sport and nutrition sciene.
Within an informal visit, Mr. Rudolf Köberle, minister for rural area, alimentation and consumer protection, visited our company on 26th July.
Headed by Mr. Werner Keppner, the senior group of CDU Lauda-Königshofen met for an informal visit of our company on the Waltersberg.
Gruensfeld/Munich – Analytica, the International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology – opened its gates in Munich on 23rd March 2010. A welcome occasion for ambitious Bohlender GmbH from Gruensfeld to present itself to the interested trade visitors from all over the world. In hall B1 on booth 337A, the dynamic enterprise staged its two brands BOLA and SICCO – both in their own separate areas, but still distinguishable as part of the same family.
Mr. Victor Sahanev and Mr. Maximilian Bingel, both trainees of our company, have successfully passed the IHK examination.
Following and old tradition, the witches from Gruensfeld are visiting the city’s companies on Carnival Thursday. Managing director Volker Bohlender welcomed the women disguised as witches at the company’s premises on the Waltersberg.
Visit us at Analytica Munich from 23rd to 26th March 2010. We are in hall B1, booth 337 A.
On 5th February 2010 Bohlender GmbH celebrated a special anniversary: Staff members Raimund Heber and Walter Bausback were honoured for their long-time employment. Both have remained loyal to the internationally reputed enterprise, known for professional labware of the brand BOLA and drying cabinets and desiccators of the brand SICCO, for 30 years.
The traditional year-end ceremony of Bohlender GmbH took place at the “Edelfinger Hof” this time. Because of the difficult economic situation, Volker Bohlender’s annual review was awaited full of suspense.
While many enterprises moan about skills shortage, company Bohlender can rely on junior employees from its own ranks. Every year, a couple of trainees start their working life at the owner of the brands BOLA (high-quality PTFE products) and SICCO (functional desiccators) located in Gruensfeld in the Main-Tauber region.

Our team of "performers"

50 years company Bohlender - a reason for all employees of the enterprise to take a group fotograph on this unique date.
A big success was the company’s participation at this year’s industrial exhibition of Gruensfeld. On 6th September, Bohlender GmbH presented its own booth which was designed by the trainees of the company.
Bohlender GmbH gladly complied with Wolfram Winkler’s request and provided the summer camp „Frankenlager“ with BOLA drinking cups.
Bohlender GmbH participated again with success the 5th fair for professional education from 19th to 20th June 2009 in the town hall of Lauda. The main focus of this special fair is to give pupils support for their later vocational choice and to inform on possible career opportunities.

Successful ACHEMA!

For one week (11-15 May), Bohlender GmbH presented its laboratory products made of fluoroplastics (Teflon®) at ACHEMA, the world's most important international exhibition for chemical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology.
Within an informal visit, Dr. Inge Grässle, Member of the European Parliament, visited our company on 8th May.
On 7th May, Hermann Bohlender, company founder and senior partner of Bohlender GmbH celebrated his 80th birthday.


Visit us in hall 6.1 - booth G24
On 30th January 2009, Mr. Ignat Späth has passed his final examination successfully. He trained as industrial mechanic for 3.5 years.

Year-end ceremony 2008

The orangery of the former abbey of Bronnbach was a dignified atmosphere for the year-end ceremony of Bohlender GmbH.
Mr. Volker Bohlender, managing director of company Bohlender GmbH, was asked nine questions by the editorial staff of the well-known laboratory magazine “LABO”.


For a period of almost two months, six pupils of the “GHWRS” school of Lauda visited Bohlender GmbH and made an internship within their project “School and economy – the key to success”.
On 19 November 2008, the "LAB-SUPPLY Ruhr" took place in Marl, an annual, public exhibition for analytics, chemicals and biotechnology / life science.
The label „BOLA“ and the company name „Bohlender“ have been standing for laboratory products with high quality and for reliable service for many years. That is why a continuous advancement and improvement of our products is indispensable for keeping our high standards.
Torsten Eckert and Raimund Heber are the winners of the internal BOLA tabletop football contest, which took place in parallel to the "real" European football championship.
Mr Christoph Schmidt has passed his final examination and successfully finished his professional training at BOHLENDER GmbH.
BOLA footballers played for a good cause.

End-of-year Ceremony 2007

Bohlender GmbH has achieved again a two-digit growth of its sales. Volker Bohlender, managing director of Bohlender GmbH was able to report this positive result to his employees during the end-of-year ceremony in the restaurant Rebenhof in Beckstein.
BOLA shares export manager Evi Brell's happiness about daughter Lena Marie.

New DMG milling machine

BOLA reduces delivery time with further extension of machinery.
After having managed all team challenges such as climbing trees and rope bridges, roping down and many more, in the "Forest Jump" in 2005, the staff of Bohlender GmbH had to meet a new challenge.
During a visiting tour through Grünsfeld town the District Administrator of the Main Tauber district, Reinhard Frank, took the chance of paying a visit to Bohlender GmbH, too.

Support of class 2000

For the first time Bohlender GmbH supports financially action "Class 2000".
New injection moulding machine reduces delivery times
New lathe put into operation.

Visit of economy class

Questions of interested pupils
Final exams passed successfully.
The aim is to reach another double-digit increase
An important building block: training our employees

3rd Roto-Indoor-Football-Cup

BOLA footballers played for a good cause.
For an even better satisfaction of our customers' requirements
BOLA welcomes the world.


Many novelties from Bohlender GmbH at ACHEMA
BASF-employees experience BOLA products
Carolers collect charitable donations

Year-end celebration 2005

End of successful business year 2005
Football-cup for a good cause

Workplace scouting 2005

Pupil discovers job of industrial mechanician

Work experience 2005

Mr. Ignath Späth gets to know different fields of the company
Novelties produced interest within visitors

Workshop-days 2005

Twor pupils of Dorothea-von-Rieneck-School attended a practical training
Taking a look behind the scenes of an internationally operating production company
Visitors got a lot of information

New BOLA catalogue D400

Huge product range documented impressively
High-rope-course "Forest Jump" costs quite an effort
Pupils informed themselves about the different professions.
BOLA amplifies its activities in Asia.

School project days 2004

Pupils experience working practice


Many novelties presented at ACHEMA

Successful Arab-Lab 2003

BOLA welcomes Arabian countries

Economic discussion

Managing director and company founder informed visitors
CTX 420 V will shorten delivery periods even more
Melanie Dosch wins balloon competition

Laboratory exhibition Budde

Many visitors showed interest in products

Lions Club visits BOLA

Visitors made a tour of the company

Open day at BOLA

New building was viewed by many visitors
Enthusiastic pupils get an idea of the company
After a construction period of only 8 months, company moved to the new location to meet new challenges.
BOLA continues working on hightest level
BOLA catalogue D300 in German and English/French issue
Ground-breaking ceremony on the Waltersberg in Grünsfeld

First building measures

Construction of the new building at the industrial zone has been started
During an informal trip, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinhardt, the member of Baden-Württemberg's State Parliament visited our enterprise

Year-end celebration 2000

"We are growing rapidly" told Mr. Volker Bohlender, the manager of Bohlender Ltd. in Lauda, to his staff during the annual christmas celebration which took place in Lauda's "Ratskeller".
New CNC-milling machine for quicker production.


BOLA successfully takes part at trade fair.
All articles are presented in three languages

A far-sighted manager

In 1971, Hermann Bohlender relies on an unknown material

New BOLA catalogue 200

New appearance is published at the beginning of 1999
Increase of manufacturing capability
Producing according to the highest international quality standards
Working with CNC control units
Manufacturing of rods and tubes is facilitated

Move to new annex

Active participation at exhibitions
Dealing with constantly increasing requirements


First Teflon-jacketed stirrer shaft convinces at exhibition


First distillation apparatus entirely made of Teflon enthuses visitors
Final breakthrough in Europe

A courageous decision

Adapting the production facilities to the growing requirements
Beginning of work with high-quality fluoroplastic Teflon
Bohlender-precision-turnery is founded
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