bsafe Blätterkatalog ansehen bsafe System Blätterkatalog ansehen Fittings and Blind fittings - Benefits

Either if you extract or collect waste: In order to connect capillaries perfectly respectively close unused connectors, Fittings and Blind fittings have to be used. They are made of PFA and have high chemical and thermal resistance. Their male threads exactly fit onto Caps and Waste Caps. Their head form with internal cone simplify gripping turning and (in case of the fittings) to lead in tubes into a bottle. Fittings are available in different colours for all standard HPLC capillaries and their outer diameter. This makes the application clear and simple. Blind fittings are neutral in colour but have an important reason as unused connectors on your Cap can be closed tightly. Thus, expensive eluents cannot escape and foreign particles cannot reach the solvent. If you have a waste collection container, solvent vapours cannot escape. Fittings and Blind fittings - Benefits

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