b.safe Direct Filling System - Benefits

The b.safe Direct Filling System is a highly specialized solution for the disposal of especially viscous liquids or liquid waste with solid contents. Only a b.safe Funnel with hinged lid and the b.safe Mini Display for controlling the filling level of your waste canister are visible in the working area of your hood. The funnel is fixed directly over a safety cabinet T90. The funnel is connected to a telescopic disposal tube made of stainless steel. With this vertical connection, waste is led with a high flow rate directly into the container.

The lower end of this waste tube is provided with the canister cap with fill level sensor and vent hose. The vapors which occur during filling of the canisters are directly sucked here.
For changing the canister, the lock-nut on the worktop has to be released and the telescopic disposal tube automatically moves upwards by spring force. This mechanism lifts the canister cover and a collecting vessel is placed automatically under the tube. Dripping down liquid rests are collected directly.

Since the sensors for fill level control are integrated in the canister cap, the full container can be exchanged by an empty standard canister S60.
All parts of the Direct Filling System are suitable for the use in explosion-proof environments and prepared for installation on site.


Recently our product specialist Dominik Werner and Dr. Andreas Lößl (Wagner & Munz) had the opportunity to visit the new laboratory...
The b.safe funnels impress with their sophisticated design. Made from the high-performance plastic PE-EX, it protects the laboratory...

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