b.safe Distributor for Flushing Bottles - Benefits

Use the b.safe Distributor for Flushing Bottles and relay also during flushing of inlet channels on a consequently tight system.

Instead of hanging the capillaries in an open flushing bottle, you can remove the b.safe Cap GL45 from the extraction bottle, introduce all connected tubing including suction filters into the flushing bottle and close it tightly by screwing the b.safe Cap on the lateral GL45 neck of the distributor.

By using completely assembled b.safe Caps the system can be flushed without any worries regarding a contamination of the used solvents or an escape of solvent vapours. 
The special feature of the b.safe Distributor for Flushing Bottles: besides the cleaning of the inlet capillaries via the four GL45 ports, also piston back flushing and needle seat irrigation are possible by connecting suitable tubing to the 3 central capillary connectors (thread UNF 1/4.

Unused ports on the Distributor for Flushing Bottles can be closed with standard screw caps GL45.

b.safe Distributors for Flushing Bottles are available for flasks with either thread GL45 or GLS80. We recommend to use bottles with thread GLS80 in order to ensure a comfortable insertion and removal of the tubing including assembled suction filters.

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