b.safe Sinks - Benefits

Whether you empty, rinse or dry any vessels, b.safe Sinks facilitate your work. They are almost evenly integrated in the work top and additionaly sealed all-round. The PE-surface can easily be cleaned, is non-adhesive and reduces even though the risk of breakage of glass vessels.

The bottom has been designed in a special way so that liquids can drain safely but prevents set up vessels from tilting. Furthermore, the vessel is ventilated for faster drying. A sieve collects e. g. magnetic stirring bars or gross contamination. It can be removed for cleaning.

When not used, the sink can be closed with the perfectly fitting lid. Also the lid has a sophisticated design: With a sunk handle, the lid provides a plain surface. This way, lab professionals gain additional working space.


GRÜNSFELD/ TAUBERBISCHOFSHEIM. At the end of April, the award of the Future Prize 2020 took place by the Main-Tauber-Kreis.
In 2020, Bohlender launched the new product line "b.safe". This brand name stands for professional safety solutions in the HPLC...

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