Grounding of Disposal Systems

Here‘s how it‘s done!

Using the innovative disposal system of SYSTEM you dispose of inflammable solvents safely and without being exposed to static charging. For this purpose, the individual components respectively the complete system must be professionally grounded.

As all SYSTEM components are made of static dissipative materials, consequently all components are continuously conductively connected at their contact points. Normally, it would be sufficient to ground compact systems once. In daily operation, however, these conductive connections can be interrupted, e. g. due to contamination or modifications. Therefore, to be always on the safe side, we recommend to ground your system several times. Especially in pipe systems with long distances or complex branches, grounding at several points is also useful.

Matching the possible connection points of SYSTEM products, you can choose an appropriate grounding cable.

Make sure to connect the end of the grounding cable only to an approved ground point (e. g. ground point in the fume hood, branch of the foundation earth electrode). To play it safe and, above all, to meet the requirements of your individual installation situation, we strongly recommend consulting a competent person, such as your in-house electrician, for this task.

As per the Technical Rules for Operating Safety TRBS 2153 (Rules for Avoiding Ignition Hazards as a Result of Electrostatic Charges), the operator of the system is responsible for ensuring the correct grounding.

Abgestimmt auf die möglichen Anschlusspunkte an SYSTEM Produkten können Sie das passende Erdungskabel auswählen:


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