Protect health and save costs

Avoid emissions

A typical situation in laboratory using solvents was tested for 10 days. Different forms of sealing using acetonitrile show big differences in the emission which lead to unnecessary costs and hazardous concentrations in the ambient air. We tested the following sealing forms with Safety Caps: “open”, “aluminium foil” and “closure with bore

Test conditions


The daily situation in laboratories regarding costs and ambient air contamination cannot be improved immediately with little effort. With Safety Caps, you can save up to 165x of the costs and reduce the solvents in the ambient air at the same time. Save costs and protect health with Safety Caps!

Measured values per liter

The measured values show significantly the large saving potential, already after 10 days. Furthermore, emissions in the ambient air can be reduced onto a minimum.


Projected loss within one year

A bottle equipped with our Safety Cap II just loses 12,1 ml solvent, projected on one year. An open bottle loses 2020 ml in the same period of time which is 165x as much! You can be sure to save up to 200 € per year per Safety Cap. 


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Use the Distributor for Flushing Bottles and relay also during flushing of inlet channels on a consequently tight system.

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