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worth knowing Activated Carbon sets new standards in the lab with a ball-pan hardness of 98-99 % and an inner surface of 1.100 m²/g. It is used for exhaust air purification by adsorption of organic solvents. 

Low Edge Attraction

  • Vibration density: 490 +/- 30 kg/m³
  • The optimized particle size prevents clumping and sticking of the particles. This prevents the edge attraction effect, i. e. the flow through of exhaust air without any contact to the activated carbon.

High Purity

  • Ash content (proportion of foreign particels in the activated carbon): < 12 Gew.-%
  • The smaller the ash content, the more reliable the filter performance

Particle size and Grain Diameter

  • Grain diameter: 1,5 mm
  • Particle size and thus flow resistance are especially adapted to the filtration and the flow behaviour of solvent vapours.

Reduced Abrasion

  • Ball-pan hardness: > 95 Gew.-%
  • In movement, activated carbon particles can abride. The resulting abrasion of smallest carbon particles can clog the passages.
  • The high ball-pan hardness protects the single particles from abrasion and thus the consistency and filter performance of the activated carbon are not affected.

Low Water Content

  • Water content: < 5 Gew.-% (at time of delivery)
  • Beside solvent vapours, also humidity e. g. in ambient air, is adsorbed by activated carbon. A small water content increases the adsorption capacity for solvents.

CCI4-Adsorption / Butane Activity

  • CCI4-Adsorption: > 70 Gew.-%
  • CCI4-Adsorption respectively carbon tetrachloride activity stands for the loading of activated carbon with carbon tetrachloride and is a method to determine the pore volume.
  • Due to the toxicity of carbon tetrachloride, this method has been replaced by the butane activity.
  • Formule to calculate the butane activity: divide the CCI4-activity by 2,55.

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