b.safe Professional Equiment for Fill Level Control

Equipping your canisters with b.safe SYSTEM Waste Caps is only the first step to a reliable fill level control. Only by connecting the waste caps to an alarm box you will receive an optic and acoustic alarm for an on-time exchange of the canister.

At b.safe System you have the choice between two alarm box models, either b.safe Display or b.safe Mini-Display.

The state-of-the-art b.safe Display is compatible with any version of b.safe SYSTEM Waste Caps (no matter if with or without pre-alarm) and allows to control centrally several HPLC units. With the version with 6 channels you are prepared also for future extensions. Additional comfort provides the possibility to snooze the alarm tone during the canister exchange.

On the other hand, the b.safe Mini-Display is in terms of price the optimal basic solution for the local control of single HPLC units. Upon choosing the suitable version, you have to take into account which Waste Caps are used (either with or without pre-alarm) and that the Mini-Display is suitable for the control of max. 2 canisters.

Both models of the b.safe Alarm Boxes are available as version “Wall” for a fixed installation the front side of laboratory furniture or version “Table” for the use as desktop device.

The version “Splitter” is an exemption. As model b.safe Display as well as b.safe Mini-Display, it can solely be used for the control of a b.safe Splitter and to monitor 2 containers for automatic switching from a full to an empty container.


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