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Waste Cap B53 with Funnel |

Chemical resistance: ++ very good
Material: PTFE, PP
Temperature resistance: from -50°C to +80°C

Material Safety Data Sheets

Operating Instructions

Hose Connectors Number of Blind Fittings
[milky white]
Number of Fittings
Number of Fittings
[purple] (2)
Number of Fittings
[yellow] (3)
Number of capillary connectors Stopcock
[Automatic] (2)
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Product information "Waste Cap B53 with Funnel |"

Product description

Screw cap made of PE for B53 thread, free movable insert made of PTFE. With PFA Fittings for capillaries with O. D. 1,6 / 2,2 / 3,2 mm (thread UNF 1/4“), Blind Fittings made of PFA to close unused connections, 1 hose connector for tube I. D. 5,5-8 mm (thread NPT 1/8“) and 1 connector to screw in a Exhaust Filter (thread GL14, not included in the scope of delivery). Additionally with fixed Filling Funnel made of PP with integrated stopcock. Choose the stopcock between the versions “Stopcock with grip”, where the passage opens through turning the grip and the grip position shows if the stopcock is closed, or “Automatic stopcock” where the passage opens through pushing the grip and closes automatically if the grip is loosened. Version and scope of delivery as per below chart.


Safe disposal of solvents without leakage of harmful solvent vapours. With Fittings made of PFA, tubes can easily inserted in the waste container; the conical seal cone clamps the tubing and seals the connection safely. Through the connection of tubing with I. D. 5,5-8 mm respectively through the Filling Funnel directly from flasks, large amounts of liquids can be disposed of. The integrated stopcock avoids leakage of harmful vapours through the filling hole. Solvent vapours from the escaping air during filling are restrained through the Exhaust Filter containing activated carbon. The service life of the filter can be easily monitored through either activating the display on the lid and exchanging the filter in case of completely red colouring or documentation of the exchange date by hand.
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