PP – Polypropylene

A polymer of ethylene with isostatic arrangement of methyl groups. It does not belong to the family of fluoroplastics. PP can be autoclaved (at +121 °C) and is distinguished by good mechanical and chemical properties almost up to its softening point. PP labware is unbreakable and an economical alternative with, however, restricted chemical and thermal resistance.

PEEK – Polyetheretherketone

Partly crystalline thermoplastic that withstands high temperatures. Due to its unique properties, PEEK is mainly used for high-value and highly stressable components. The high upper working temperature (+250 °C), the good chemical stability and resistance to hydrolysis as well as the high mechanical values of this material will allow PEEK to become the material of the future. PEEK components are commonly used as HPLC fittings, screw joints or as tubing. Its natural colour is brown, its price is considerably higher than that of PTFE or PFA. PEEK is available in many different types, e. g. modified for self-lubricating bearings.

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