b.safe Continuous Fill Level Control

HPLC systems with high output also generate high quantities of solvent waste. In particular, longer absences such as after work or at weekends make a proactive change of waste canisters necessary.

With a continuous fill level control of b.safe you always have an eye on the fill level and a possible residual volume of your waste canister. Depending on the installation site, you will need two or three components which are already prepared for installation by specialist staff in our facory:

- the b.safe Mini-Display TLC
- the b.safe System Waste Cap TLC with the necessary measuring and alarm sensor as well as connectors for waste tube and ventilation
- if the waste canister is installed in an explosion-proof area: b.safe Isolated Amplifier TLC to avoid spar king from the measuring and alarm sensor

The special sensor for the continuous fill level control of the b.safe System Waste Cap TLC measures the fill level without direct contact to the medium. Thus, faulty measurements due to dirty floaters and sensors are excluded and the fill level can be shown reliably at the corresponding b.safe Mini-Display TLC.

On the Mini-Display TLC, the fill level is indicated by means of LED displays in steps of 10 % of the nominal content. From 10 % to fill level 70 % the LED lights up green, at 80 and 90 % it flashes orange and at 100 % (full canister) the LED flashes red and there is an acoustic alarm. This can be interrupted for approx. 5 minutes until the container exchange is completed. In case of power interruption, the fill level reports 90 % and 100 % are kept and will be shown correctly after new activation. If necessary, the alert is triggered immediately.

Via the visual display of the fill level, you can now easily estimate whether the remaining volume in the waste canister is still in the „green zone“ and sufficient for the duration of your absence or whether a precautionary exchange is necessary.

Choose a System Waste Cap TLC suitable for the installation site:


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