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Technische Zeichnung
Technische Zeichnung
Dimensions [L x W x H mm] No. of containers to be monitored Cat-no. Price*/piece Select the quantity for an offer or order and place it in the shopping cart
155 x 84 x 65 1 R690-05
R690-05 - Mini-Display TLC |
Dimensions [L x W x H mm] 155 x 84 x 65
No. of containers to be monitored 1
Product description Alarm box with halogen-free plastic case for an installation in front... more
Product information "Mini-Display TLC |"

Product description

Alarm box with halogen-free plastic case for an installation in front plates of lab furniture. Front side with touch buttons and LED indicators to monitor the operation and the fill level by means of a separately available System Waste Cap TLC. Continuous display of the fill level, scaling in each 10 % of the nominal volume. Optical pre-alert (flashing yellow LED) as soon as 80 and 90 % of the nominal volume are reached, optical (flashing red LED) and acoustic main alert in case of full canister (approx. 100% of the nominal volume). Acoustic alert can be interrupted for approx. 5 minutes until the container exchange is completed. In case of power interruption, the fill level reports 90 and 100 % are saved. When the system is switched on again, the values are displayed accordingly and the alert is triggered if necessary. Including power supply (Input: AC 100-240 V/50-60 Hz, 0,5 A, Output: 24 V DC, 0,5 A) with plugs for EU, Australia, USA, Japan and UK.


Display unit to monitor fill level with connected fill-level sensor of a System Waste Cap TLC (Cat. No. R 692-05). If the canister to be monitored is installed in an explosion-proof area, a suitable Isolated Amplifier is required for a safe operation. In this case, please order the System Waste Cap Cat. No. R 697-05 with special signal cable for assembly in the Isolated Amplifier TLC as well as the Isolated Amplifier (Cat. No. R 695-05).
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