Isolated Amplifier TLC |

Dimensional Drawing

Technische Zeichnung
Technische Zeichnung
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240 x 160 x 90 R695-05
R695-05 - Trennschaltverstärker TLC |
Outer dimensions [mm] 240 x 160 x 90
Product description Delivered in ready-to-assemble plastic housing made of ABS (IP66) that... more
Product information "Isolated Amplifier TLC |"

Product description

Delivered in ready-to-assemble plastic housing made of ABS (IP66) that prevents unintentional contact of live parts. With clearly labelled screw connections to connect the signal cable of a System Waste Cap TLC (Cat. No. R 697-05) for a safe operation of the Level Sensor in explosion-proof areas. Including installed signal cable (length approx. 1 m) for signal transmission to the Mini-Display TLC (Cat. No. R 690-05) and power supply (Input: 100-240V/1,2 A, Output: 24V/max. 1,75 A) with plug adapter for EU, Australia, USA, Japan and UK. The installation of the Isolated Amplifier and the connection of the signal cable have to be carried out by qualified personnel.


Encapsulated housing for an installation e.g. at the rear side of a safety cabinet. Safe signal exchange between explosion-hazardous and explosion-proof areas by galvanic isolation of the sensor side and the output side. By using the Isolated Amplifier in the explosion-proof area, its electronic alerting system prevents ignitable sparks from arising in the explosive atmosphere around the sensors. Exclusively compatible with the Mini-Display TLC (Cat. No. R690-05) and System Waste Cap TLC (Cat. No. R 697-05).
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