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HPLC All-In-One Box |

Chemical resistance: +++ universal
Material: PTFE,PPS,PP,PE
Temperature resistance: from -20°C to +200°C
One of our current novelties.
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Product information "HPLC All-In-One Box |"

Product description

Complete set for equipping one HPLC system. Containing Caps GL45 for four laboratory flasks for solvent extraction as well as a Waste Cape with Exhaust Filter and a Canister for safe collection of solvent waste. The scope of delivery of the Caps includes PFA fittings for capillary O. D. 3,2 mm, Blind Fitting in PFA to close unused connections and Air Valves with service life indicator. For the collection of waste, the set includes a PE-canister S55 with 5-litre capacity, a suitable Waste Cap S55 and one Exhaust Filter L. The scope of delivery of the Waste Cap includes PFA Fittings for capillaries with OD 1,6/2,2/3,2 mm, Blind Fittings to close unused connections, tubing connectors for tubing I. D. 5,5-8 mm. Version and scope of delivery as per below chart. Consumables (Air Valves, Exhaust Filter) for a 12 months service life included.

Scope of delivery:
A:3x Cap GL45 with 1x capillary connection, incl. 1x Fitting for Tubing O. D. 3,2 mm, 1 Air Valve with service life indicator (Cat. No. M145-01)
B: 1x Cap GL45 with 2x capillary connection, incl. 2x Fitting for Tubing O. D. 3,2 mm, 1 Air Valve with service life indicator. (Cat. No. M145-02)
C: 4x Air Valve with service life indicator 6 months (Cat. No. M505-01)
D: 1x Waste Cap S55 with 4x capillary connection, 4x hose connector, 1x connector for exhaust filter, incl. 4x Fitting for Tubing O. D. 1,6 mm (green) / 2,2 mm (purple) / 3,2 mm (yellow), 4x Blind Fitting for capillary connection, 4x Blind Fitting hose connection, 4x hose connector for tubing I. D. 5,5-8 mm (Cat. No. M355-40)
E: 1x Hose Connector for tubing I. D. 9-10,5 mm (Cat. No. M503-16)
F: 1x Exhaust Filter L, service life 12 months (Cat. No. M506-03)
G: 1x Canister S55, PE, capacity 5 litres (Cat. No. R225-05)


Perfect set for the initial equipment of your HPLC system. Using Caps, eluents are directly extracted from laboratory flasks. The Air Valve prevents evaporation of solvents and only allows as much air to flow into the bottle as is necessary to equalize the pressure. Waste tubing are connected directly to the canister with the Waste Cap. The Exhaust Filter with activated carbon filling reliably restrains solvent vapours from the air escaping during filling.
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