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Control Waste Cap GL45 DLC |

Chemical resistance: ++ very good
Material: PTFE, PP
Temperature resistance: from 0°C to +110°C

Material Safety Data Sheets

Operating Instructions

Hose Connectors Number of Blind Fittings
[milky white]
Number of Blind Fittings
[white] (2)
Number of Fittings
Number of Fittings
[purple] (2)
Number of Fittings
[yellow] (3)
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Product information "Control Waste Cap GL45 DLC |"

Product description

Screw cap made of PPS, free movable insert made of PTFE with 2 permanently fixed cables (length approx. 0,5 m each) for the connection to a Display which signals a pre-alert when approx. 50% of the nominal volume are reached and a main alert for canister change as soon as 100% of the nominal volume are reached. With 1 additional red LED flashing light for easy identification of a full canister. With PFA fittings for capillary tubes with OD 1,6/2,2/3,2 mm (thread UNF 1/4“), hose connector for tubing ID 5,5-8 mm (thread NPT 1/8“), blind fittings for closing unused connections and 1 connector GL 14 for fixing the Exhaust Filter. Design and scope of delivery according to table.


To avoid spill over of canisters through the connection of a Control Waste Cap to a Display for electronic level control. The additional pre-alert enables the user to provide exchange containers for big volumes of waste e.g. before the end of work or the weekend. Reliable monitoring of the filling levels of waste canisters in laboratory cupboards and workbenches. With the use of Waste Tubes, solvent waste is led directly into the canister, solvent vapours are held back by the exhaust filter with activated carbon or can be led to the hood by means of a venting hose.
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