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Bore Adapter |

Chemical resistance: ++ very good
Material: PE
Temperature resistance: from -50°C to +80°C

Material Safety Data Sheets

Bore in tabletop
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Product information "Bore Adapter |"

Product description

Made of PE, to reduce the bore diameter in table- or countertops from approx. 54 to 30 mm to ensure a safe installation of e.g. Desktop Mounts or Multiports in corresponding bores. Consisting of top part, lock washer and silicone gasket to avoid rotating and slipping during installation.


Adaptation of existing bores for assembling Desktop Mounts or Multiports also in bores with diameter bigger than 30 mm. Easy installation: put the top part of the bore adapter and the gasket on the existing bore. Insert e.g. a Desktop Mount (Cat. No. R 1100-45) through the reduced bore of the top part. Use the lock washer and counter nut of the desktop mount to fix it together with the bore adapter.
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