b.safe Waste Caps with electronic Level Indicator and Filling Funnel - Benefits

Long absent, soon forgotten is not the motto for b.safe electronic Level Indicators. b.safe Waste Caps with electronic Level Indicator are delivered with a permanently mounted cable to connect the b.safe Display for Level Control.

The way of function is quite simple: Connect your b.safe Waste Cap with the b.safe Display by means of a suitable cable. With increasing level, the integrated float gauge in the cap rises. As soon as the “canister is full”, a contact is closed between the cap and the float gauge and an appropriate signal is transferred to the b.safe Display through the cable. You can easily recognize which container has to be exchanged through visual signs on the b.safe Display. Additionally, an acoustic alarm sounds if the filling level is critical.

In order to avoid a spill over of the full waste container during exchange, the alert already rings before the container is completely filled to have a little safety buffer.
The red pin on the Waste Caps additionally shows when the canister is full.

Even waste from the sample preparation can be directly poured into the waste container via the permanently mounted funnel. The integrated stopcock in the funnel reliably closes the passage to protect yourself from escaping vapours.

The GL14 connector is reserved for the separately available Exhaust Filter. Its activated carbon filling adsorps solvent vapours which are produced during filling so that no harmful vapours can escape from the waste container. The screw cap made of PP and the insert made of PTFE are extremely robust and resistant to chemical and thermal load.

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